Are you tired of renting? Think you can't own a home? We have the program just for you! Become a homeowner, even with bad credit! We also have an in-house credit repair program to help you achieve the American Dream. Just apply below.

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 M&K Funding, LLC Credit Repair Program: Anything that we can do to get you a faster and more efficiently credit repair. Below are a list steps will take to repair your credit and qualify for an FHA mortgage.

1. PROVE TIMELY HOUSING PAYMENTS- Most, but not all lenders require borrowers to verify past rental history. This is accomplished either by providing 12 months canceled rent checks from your bank, proof of wire transfer, or a (VOR) verification of rent only if you pay a management company or real estate company. For those paying cash or money order mortgage lenders will NOT accept a private landlord letters. If you are not sure then just pay your rent by check every month so you can prove timely rental payments for a full 12 months. This makes sense; obviously if you can prove timely rental history then you can prove the ability to make your mortgage payment on time.

2. CHECK FOR ERRORS- If there are any errors on your credit we will need to mail the correct statements to all 3 credit reporting agencies.  This is not a long process because you are not disputing the account. You are just requesting that your credit be updated.

3. WE'LL HELP YOU SETTLE ALL PAST COLLECTION ACCOUNTS- Settle all past collections and judgments other than medical. Contact all past creditors that are showing up in the collections section of your credit report and try to negotiate a settlement with the collection agency for less than the amount owned.  We might need to call a few times to negotiate a settlement amount for you can work with. Once you settle with the creditor you will need an updated statement from the creditors showing a ($0) zero balance owned. Then, will need to mail all the updated statements showing a zero balance to all 3 credit reporting agencies to ensure collection accounts are updated on your credit report to show a ($0) zero balance. Don’t rely on the collection agency to update your credit report. If your credit score is still less than 580 then we will need you  to settle the medical collections to show a zero balance until your credit reaches a minimum 580.

4. PAY DOWN REVOLVING ACCOUNTS- Pay down open balances on any active revolving accounts to at less than 25% of the limit. This represents over 30% of your credit score and is the fastest way to increase your score. The lower the balances on all revolving accounts the higher your score, but we will not  have you pay off the account in full or close the accounts. It’s best to leave small active balances on your accounts if possible. A revolving account is an account created by a creditor to represent debts where the outstanding balance does not have to be paid in full every month, examples include credit cards, gas cards etc.

5. WILL GET LATE PAYMENTS REMOVED- If you have late payments within the last 12 months will try to get them removed. Most mortgage lenders require NO 30 day late payments within the last 12 months. Contact these creditors and tell them you have declined for a home loan because of these 30 day late payments. Some creditors will remove the 30 day late payment if it’s your first late payment. And, other creditors will agree if you agree to pay the account off in full.

6. REMOVE DISPUTES- All lenders now require the words “Dispute” to be removed from accounts showing a balance. Disputed accounts artificially increase your credit score to make it look like the collection does not exist. Will need to  contact the credit reporting agencies to get the disputes removed.